Vito Gatto is a composer, violinist and sound explorer based in Milan.

Graduated in Violin from the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan, his research starts from the unconventional application of classical background, both in studio and live performing.

After several collaborations with rock and experimental artists of Italian and International scene (among others Einstürzende Neubauten and Blonde Redhead), he discovers the world of electronic experimentation, and  its endless possibility to enhance the acoustic instruments features and concrete sounds, increasing their humanity by exploiting micro variations coming from uniqueness of each single execution, or recording.

Influenced by various musical genres from minimal and contemporary classical music to ambient, techno and experimental, his work aims to find a hybrid shape through the symbiosis between human expression and electronic elaboration.

After releasing his last album Evolve in 2020 on his personal record label NeMu, his contemporary research is focused on conflicting sonic themes, spiritual and meditational attitude vs distorted sound treatment for first, complex sequenced patterns and sample based granular synthesis from strings recordings, vocals, analog synth sources, released or unreleased compositions, field recordings, concrete sounds.