Evolve LP

[Digital – May 2020 | Vinyl – Oct 2020]
Label: NeMu

First Light

Album: String Layers [2020]
Label: 7K!

Pluk (Vito Gatto Remix)

Album: A Raver’s Diary – The Remixes [2020]
Label: Isolade

U Can Say (Vito Gatto Remix)

Album: U Can Say EP [2019]
Label: Apparel Tronic

Combo (Vito Gatto Remix)

Album: Combo Remixes [2019]
Label: Doubledoubleu

Violin (#Exp2)

Album: 2018 [2018]
Label: One Instrument

Rubber (Vito Gatto Rework)

Album: 006 [2018]
Label: Doubledoubleu


Album: Eaposting 2 [2018]
Label: Soulfeeder

Wood and Meat EP

[Dec 2017]
Label: Doubledoubleu

Debussy: Claire De Lune – Vito Gatto Rework

Album: re:works Piano [2017]
Label: Decca Records

Moving Air EP

[June 2017]
Label: Doubledoubleu